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Bhalji Pedharkar

Chitratapasvi Bhalji Pendharkar

Bhalji PendharkarBorn on 3rd May 1898 in Kolhapur. Right from childhood he has aloof and had a spritual aspect towards the life. He was obliged by "Satguru Sadanand" at his early age. He contributed his life for the freedom struggle with Babarao Savarkar, Chandrashekhar Azad. He adored Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji and Lord Krishna. He started his first earnings as a title writer in Kalamaharshi Baburao Painter's "Maharashtra Film Company". He gradually started play writing and worked continuously and produced his own independent films based on three principles of his life - "God, Nation and Religion", till his age of ninety seven years. He produced and directed nearby sixty films. He not only produced the films but also contributed to the script, dailogues and songs of the films. Along with entertainment, his main goal was social awaking. Especially from his historical films, in pre-independent era, he tried to awaken the feelings of state's pride and patriotism in the society. As a great philosopher and patriot, his views and work are incredible and important. He is the cultural hierer to the culture of Maharashtra.

Taking into consideration his contribution to the nation and film industry, he was honoured with the highest award in films i.e. "Dadasaheb Phalake Award". This great film maker and patriotic left us on his heavenly abode at the age of 97 on 26th November 1994

"Bhalji Pendharkar Cultural Centre" has been eastablished to make his work and views memorable.